Location: Nirvana, Chula Vista

Salary: $16.3/hour

Our Warehouse associate has various activities and perfomes important activities for the company.

Some of the activities are:

  • Deliver parts to the customer at our entrance.
  • Receive goods by unloading the delivery truck.
  • Carefully accommodates merchandise by location.
  • Gives a second review to newly entered parts before giving entry (Warehouse Policies).
  • Scans new product codes and passes them to a system.
  • Delete from the system the pieces that did arrive at the store so that it no longer appears as a pending piece.
  • Preventive inspection of forklifts before using them.
  • Handles forklifts.
  • Check the merchandise in the system and separate it to send it, add destination to the label of the piece, mark the serial number, the raca and take a photo of the piece


Location: Siempre Viva, San Diego

Salary: $18/hour

Specific objectives:

  • Meet an average of 15 local deliveries daily.
  • Meet an average of 10 entries outside the local area.
  • Comply with the sale of the merchandise shipped by 90%.
  • Comply with a tolerance of maximum one damaged part to fourteen.


  • Driver’s license.
  • Medical certification.

Daily activities:

  • Receive sales notes.
  • Delivery of goods to the customer.
  • Give a review of the merchandise in front of the customer.
  • Adds in a merchandise output format the part code and customer signature as delivery backup.
  • Goes through customs process.
  • Preventive inspection of the transport unit before using it.
  • Vehicle handling.
  • Clean and tidy your workspace.
  • Returns cores to branch.
  • Train new staff in your area.
  • Supports other areas of the company.
  • Propose new strategies

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